A Tale of Two Hotels

The running joke is that many five-star hotels in Viet Nam bought the extra stars to boost their image and attract more guests. In fact, many are essentially three-star hotels. The problem is there is not an internationally recognized system of awarding stars to hotels, let alone a legitimate and fair one in Viet Nam. … Continue reading A Tale of Two Hotels

Fulbright University Vietnam Professor Gets the Ax

This post definitely falls into the intrigue category. Buckle your seat belt, dear reader. It's one hell of a story. Christopher Balding (CB), a one-time Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV) professor recently went down in professional flames because of a red line he chose to cross for 15 minutes of infamy while indulging his hatred of … Continue reading Fulbright University Vietnam Professor Gets the Ax

“California South University” is Back in the News!

It appears that the great California South University (CSU), a diploma mill based in Irvine, CA, is in the news again. I noticed a spike in traffic to my blog, in particular previous posts about CSU, including one linked in a February 2018 post by Derek Lowe entitled The Dark Side - Down the Rabbit … Continue reading “California South University” is Back in the News!

Financial Aid for Vietnamese Students?

If your institution awards financial aid to Vietnamese students, I hope your approach is of the "trust but verify" variety.  Not all parents and students are honest, and Viet Nam is no exception.  Many people of means are happy to game the system and accept financial aid, if they can get it. I remember a … Continue reading Financial Aid for Vietnamese Students?

How a Chinese company bought access to admissions officers at top U.S. colleges

Kudos to the four (4) Reuters reporters for their outstanding work on this investigative report.  Only when this type of unethical behavior sees the publication light of day and the proverbial shit hits the fan is there any action, in most cases.  While there are some Vietnamese companies that would love to have this kind … Continue reading How a Chinese company bought access to admissions officers at top U.S. colleges

“Regulators Vote to Shut Down Nation’s Largest For-Profit Accrediting Agency”

The vote came after widespread criticism that the agency had provided inadequate oversight.  Some good news for a change. "Inadequate oversight" is one way of  putting it.  This organization, which was entrusted with the sacred task of accrediting postsecondary institutions, abdicated its responsibility in a number of cases, pure and simple.  Why is the Accrediting … Continue reading “Regulators Vote to Shut Down Nation’s Largest For-Profit Accrediting Agency”

California South University: Fraud Alert!

Here's another less-than-stellar California-based institution of higher education.  Note:  "California South University" is not to be confused with "California Southern University", which has institutional accreditation by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC/regional) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC/national). As you can see on the 29.6.16 screenshots below, CSU makes two claims:  1)  … Continue reading California South University: Fraud Alert!

“Making The Grades”

How one California university faked students’ scores, skated by immigration authorities — and made a fortune in the process. I derive absolutely no pleasure at all from saying "I told you so."  (OK, maybe just a little.)  This is an issue I have been talking and writing about for years.  I think the only reason … Continue reading “Making The Grades”

Financial Aid: Don’t Trust, Verify!

Taking the theme of gaming the system and running with it,  there is also the issue of financial aid and how to determine need, which becomes much more difficult once you begin evaluating international student applications. There are schools that award some type of financial aid to all admitted Vietnamese students.  Others, especially the more … Continue reading Financial Aid: Don’t Trust, Verify!