Environmental Issues in Viet Nam

Here’s an updated list of articles, blog posts, and reports about environmental pollution in Viet Nam. I’ll also include related articles about development. It’s a way for me to track and share them with those who are interested and care about the natural world we all share. They are listed in descending chronological order. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I will also include positive articles because we could all use good news occasionally. (Status: 16.5.23)

Provinces in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta struggle with waste management (11.5.23) Tuoi Tre News

Experts call for reducing plastic waste at Vietnam’s tourist hotspots (15.4.23) VNExpress International

Tourism businesses should be pioneers in plastic waste reduction: Vietnam tourism assoc chair (14.4.23) Tuoi Tre News

Da Lat golf course to add parking lots, mall (14.4.23) VNExpress International

Tourists complain as trash washes up in Ha Long Bay (10.4.23) VNExpress International

Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay grapples with floating styrofoam buoys (10.4.23) Tuoi Tre News

Da Lat pine forest on fire for 8 hours (8.4.23) VNExpress International

Central Highlands losing forest bit by bit (7.4.23) VNExpress International

Iconic Da Nang river blanketed with trash (19.3.23) VNExpress International

Hanoi second most polluted city in Southeast Asia: survey (16.3.23) VNExpress International

Thousands of tons of trash in Da Lat landfill burning for days (15.3.23) VNExpress International

Hai Phong stuck with 4 million tons of fertilizer production waste (7.3.23) VNExpress International

Garbage and more hinder Vietnamese tourism (23.2.23) VNExpress International

Tourists discard hundreds of tons of plastic waste each year in Vietnam: report (21.2.23) VNExpress International

HCMC canal remains stinky, polluted despite cleanup project (16.2.23) VNExpress International

Hanoi’s air quality suffers while Saigon air remains good Wednesday (8.2.23) VNExpress International

Hanoians among those least satisfied with their local environment (7.1.23) VNExpress International


HCMC seen cancelling two long-stalled waste treatment projects (27.12.22) The Saigon Times

In Vietnam, a forest grown from the ashes of war falls to a resort project (20.12.22) Conservation News

Salt rising, river slowing: Climate change drives harsh realities for people in the Mekong Delta (17.12.22) CNA (Channel NewsAsia)

Starving the Mekong (15.12.22) Reuters

Garbage spread all over Cam Ranh Bay’s tourist island (17.12.22) VNExpress International

Northern city piles up 5,000 tons of untreated trash along main road (11.12.22) VNExpress International

Opinion: The Mekong Delta is drowning in ‘sand debt’ – it urgently needs a sand budget (7.12.11) The Third Pole

Beyond the hype, a dirty side of Da Lat (2.12.22) VNExpress International

Khánh Hoà issues master plan for Nha Trang Bay restoration (16.11.22) Viet Nam News

Littering, safety issues of concern as camping gains traction (1.11.22) VNExpress International

Burning garbage in Hanoi threatens residents’ health, property (4.10.22) VietNamNet 

Graffiti is visual pollution, an eyesore Vietnam can do without (24.10.22) VNExpress International

Trash washes up on central Vietnam beaches in wake of storms (22.10.22) VNExpress International

Requiem for a river – Can one of the world’s great waterways survive its development? (13.2.16) The Economist

Oil spill in river leaves Hanoi apartment residents scrambling for water (24.9.22) VNExpress International

Public urination ‘pisses off’ residents in Ho Chi Minh City (20.9.22) Tuoi Tre News

You can’t eat money: the cost of unlimited growth (8.9.22) VNExpress International

Experts blame Da Lat’s serious flooding on greenhouses, garbage, concrete (4.9.22) Tuoi Tre News

Tackling the Waste Challenge Toward a Greener, Circular Economy (27.8.22) Cities Development Initiative

Will the sorting of waste at source become a non-starter? (18.8.22) VNExpress International

Tourism projects found encroaching on Phu Quoc marine sanctuary (17.8.22) VNExpress International

Waste treatment on Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island raises concern (16.8.22) Tuoi Tre News

No ideal waste treatment technology for Vietnam yet (9.8.22) VNExpress International

Vietnam tourist island to ban single-use plastics (8.8.22) VNExpress International

HCMC’s water supply, lifeblood of 13 million, faces serious problems (4.8.22) VNExpress International

Mekong delta tightens measures to fight erosion (30.7.22) Viet Nam News

Pine trees die en masse at golf course project in Vietnam’s Central Highlands (19.7.22) Tuoi Tre News

Long-term action plans to service a circular economy (17.7.22) Vietnam Investment Review

Vietnam loses $3 bln a year not recycling plastic: UNDP (16.7.22) VNExpress International

Vietnam’s ‘Giant’s Causeway’ imperiled by lobster rafts (11.7.22) Tuoi Tre News

Sustainable products stimulating business (5.7.22) Vietnam Investment Review

Plastic from greenhouse boom blights Vietnam’s vegetable basket (1.7.22) The Third Pole

Phu Quoc forests in state of emergency (29.6.22) Tuoi Tre News

Vietnam halts scuba diving off popular island to protect coral (27.6.22) Tuoi Tre News

In the Mekong Delta, sand mining means lost homes and fortunes (23.6.22) Mekong Eye MAA: Stupid is as stupid does

Beaches trashed in central, southern Vietnam (26.5.22) VNExpress International

As Vietnam reopens, villagers seek more sustainable tourism (4.5.22) Al Jazeera

Vietnam’s cable car craze is driving environmental decline (2.5.22) Globe

Mekong River’s water level in red alert due to hydroelectric dams (26.4.22) Viet Nam News

42 tonnes of untreated hazardous waste, including mercury and sulfur, discovered at Vietnam lamp factory (25.4.22) Tuoi Tre News

Human activities threaten Saigon River: experts (24.4.22) VNExpress International

Green tourism needs drastic action (17.4.22) The Saigon Times

Vietnam builds master plan to cut air pollution (14.4.22) VNExpress International

The Zero-Waste School Movement Is Finding Its Stride In Vietnam (14.4.22) NewSecurityBeat (blog)

Dong Nai wants highway diverted away from biosphere reserve (14.4.22) VNExpress International

Vietnam: Fewer Natural Forests, Increasingly More Golf Courses (11.4.22) An International Educator in Viet Nam

Vietnam looks for solutions to plastic pollution where government fails (31.3.22) China Dialogue

Quang Nam proposes removing protective forests for construction (28.3.22) VNExpress International

Construction of $148mn coastal tourist route begins in Vietnamese province (27.3.22) Tuoi Tre News

Garbage covers beaches near Ha Long Bay (26.3.22) VNExpress International

Hurtling toward the point of saturation (20.3.22) Tuoi Tre News

Trash fills beaches in Vietnamese province ahead of summer tourist season (20.3.22) Tuoi Tre News

Pollution threatens 335 species in Vietnam: report (12.3.22) VNExpress International

Vietnam among 20 countries with largest plastic waste discharge (3.3.22) VietnamNet Global

The Greening of Vietnam and Environmentalism 2.0 (28.2.22) Geopolitical Monitor

The toxicity of agriculture in the Mekong delta (23.2.22) Water Science Policy

Trash, Trash, Everywhere, Everywhere! (19.2.22) An International Educator in Viet Nam

Putting Garbage In Its Place (25.2.22) An International Educator in Viet Nam

Ocean of trash washes up on central Vietnam beaches (1.1.22) Tuoi Tre News

PM2.5 pollution still problematic across Vietnam (2.12.21) VietnamNet Global


Eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City could be underwater by 2030: Climate Central (8.11.21) Tuoi Tre News

Why Việt Nam needs a circular economy for plastics (10.4.21) Viet Nam News

Vietnam needs to get wise about being healthy and wealthy (28.7.21) VNExpress International

Air pollution top environmental concern among Vietnamese citizens (13.3.21) VNExpress International