Resources Page for Don Luce (1934-2022)

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Don Luce at Niagara Falls (Photo credit: Ted Lieverman)

I’ve listed everything by year in descending chronological order. Stay tuned for updates. This is a work in progress.

Someone created a Wikipedia page for Don: Don Luce (activist)

Don’s memorial service on 26.12.22. Requiescat in pace (RIP).


The Man Who Exposed the Truth About the Tiger Cages: Donald Sanders Luce (1934-2022) (CounterPunch) Here’s a blog post about the article.

Don Luce leaves a legacy of giving; spotlighted & fought injustice (Niagara Frontier Publications)

Remembering Don Luce (Rutland Herald – Vermont)

Recalling Don Luce, the high-profile Vietnam War critic who did PR for a Falls soup kitchen (Niagara Gazette)

Don Luce, activist who exposed Vietnam War horrors, dies at 88 (Washington Post)

Don Luce, Activist Who Helped End the Vietnam War, Dies at 88 (New York Times)

Don Luce – November 17, 2022

The Tiger Cages | A Short Documentary by Jeff Nesmith (10 min)


Of Spirits, Martyrs & Legends: the Magic & Sorrow of Vietnam’s Côn Sơn Island


“Tiger Cages” in Vietnam: How the call for U.S. Prison Abolition is a Global Issue


Don Luce: The Tiger Cages of Vietnam


From Tiger Cages to Soup Kitchens


You Can’t Make This Up: The man who lost Vietnam

The Tiger Cages of Viet Nam – By Don Luce

The Transformation of Don Luce


Don Luce – Interviewed by Drew Pearson


Tom Harkin — From Tiger Cages to Pinochet


Stuck in the Middle: International Voluntary Services and the Humanitarian Experience in Vietnam, 1957-1971


The Road From Vietnam to Iran


Vietnam The War Goes On…

Congress Kills Programs of US Police Advisers


Don Luce about Vietnam / interviewed by Mike Zee.



Doan Hong Hai and Don Luce discuss Vietnam (audio interview) Note: Digital audio not yet public.


Saigon Orders Ouster of Writer Who Reported on ‘ Tiger Cages’

More ‘Tiger Cages’ in Vietnam

Don Luce – Holt Ruffin (letter to The New York Review)


The Press: Expelling the Exposer


Vietnam; The Unheard Voices. By Don Luce and John Sommer. 336 pp. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. $6.50.