Articles About Education Agents

Some colleagues have expressed interest in the various articles I’ve written and co-authored about education agents an commissions-based international student recruitment. Below is a partial list in descending chronological order. Status: 23.12.22

Forthcoming book: Student Recruitment Agents in International Higher Education (9.12.22.)

The murky world of unregulated international student recruiters (2.11.22) University Affairs/Affaires Universitaire

International students enticed to Canada on dubious promises of jobs and immigration (13.10.22), CBC Here’s the video: How recruiters in India use false promises to lure students to Canada – The Fifth Estate

Canadian parliamentary committee recommends regulation of education agents (3.6.22), AgentBee.

Education Agents: Reading List (28.5.22) An excellent list compiled by AgentBee.

Imagine a world without education agents (if you can) (4.12.21), University World News. Here’s a related blog post with an introduction.

The shadowy business of international education (fall 2021) Academic Matters

Tricky Territory: Navigating the Rising Demand for International Recruitment Agents (11.8.21), Volt

Ethical agents should support direct student admissions (20.4.19), University World News.

International recruitment – Are education agents welcome? (8.3.19), University World News.

An ethical approach to commissions-based recruitment (26.10.18), University World News.

Working with Education Agents: A View from Vietnam by Guest Blogger Mark Ashwill (27.7.18), NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Wild West: working with education agents in emerging markets (19.10.17), AgentBee

Meet the new boss, similar to the old boss: new agent regulations unveiled in Vietnam (29.9.17), The PIE Blog.

Take responsibility for ensuring ethical recruitment (30.9.16), University World News.

Vietnam removes agency certification requirements (5.8.16), ICEF Monitor.

Walking the walk – Ethical agency-based recruitment (12.12.14), University World News.