COVID-19 Update from Viet Nam

This Wikipedia page is probably the best English language resource about all things coronavirus in Viet Nam: 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam. It’s updated on a daily basis. For information directly from the Ministry of Health, follow this link. Look for the number of infections (in red) under Số ca nhiễm and the number of those who have recovered (in green) under Bình phục. I also recommend this resource provided by VNExpress International: Covid-19 in Vietnam: Statistics.

Here are some articles about COVID-19 and Viet Nam, including five of mine – in descending chronological order. Viet Nam did an outstanding job containing COVID-19 but containment is only a stopgap measure, a way to buy more time before rolling out a mass vaccination program. Unfortunately, the fourth (and worst) wave of COVID-19 began in April in southern Viet Nam with the introduction of the Delta variant. HCMC is the epicenter for COVID infections.

Delta variant outbreak challenges Vietnam’s COVID-19 response strategy (11.8.21)

Delta variant sets off alarm bells in Vietnam (1.8.21)

Delta variant threatens to overload Vietnam’s healthcare system: experts (3.7.21)

How Vietnam managed to keep its coronavirus death toll at zero (30.5.20)

Vietnam Criticized for Its First-Round Victory Over COVID-19 (27.5.20)

Coronavirus: Vietnam upbeat about economic recovery (22.5.20)

Ranking the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, country by country (21.5.20)

Reopening Vietnam: How the country’s improving governance helped it weather the COVID-19 pandemic (20.5.20)

Vietnam: a COVID-19 success story (18.5.20)

Containing the coronavirus (COVID-19): Lessons from Vietnam (30.4.20)

Vietnam May Have the Most Effective Response to Covid-19 (24.4.20)

Lessons from Vietnam’s COVID-19 victories (21.4.20)

View From Vietnam: COVID-19 Reminds the World That Trump Has No Clothes (17.4.20)

Anatomy of a perfect storm for international recruitment (13.4.20)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, do as the Vietnamese do (21.3.20)

Vietnam: An outlier in the coronavirus epidemic and HE? (14.3.20)

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