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A list of selected sources in English and Vietnamese in which I was quoted, mentioned, or my work cited in the print and electronic media.  For all other citations, have a look at Google Scholar account, which is more targeted, or by entering my name, “Mark A. Ashwill,” in Google Scholar, which is more comprehensive but limited to English.  

Mentioned as a contributor under Sources for Insights: List of Think Tanks and Thinkers for the Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation (HPDF), an organization within the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO).  HPDF was founded by Madame Tôn Nữ Thị Ninh President, HCMC Peace and Development Foundation, Vice President, Vietnam Peace Committee, President, HCMC Peace Committee, Former Ambassador to EU & Belgium, Former Vice-Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Viet Nam National Assembly.


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