Putting Garbage In Its Place

These pictures were taken this morning here in Dalat.

How on earth can people be allowed to do this?

Why does the city not enforce the law?

Paul Olivier, Dalat

The quote and photos are from a recent Facebook post by Paul Olivier, a US expat who lives in Dalat. Paul is a passionate advocate for the environment. Here’s a comment translated from Vietnamese:

That’s right! If each of us slows down a little to put the garbage in the right place, gradually our children and grandchildren will adopt the good habit of KEEPING THE CITY a clean, beautiful and civilized city! We will find life more meaningful! Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful spring!!! I love my country!

Shalom (שלום), MAA

2 thoughts on “Putting Garbage In Its Place

  1. The lake in which the dead fish is floating is highly polluted yet people are allowed to fish every day. Presumably, the fish they catch are sold at market to unknowing customers, who end up eating contaminated fish. That’s when the (cancer) clock begins ticking.

  2. Speaking of garbage, here’s a Facebook post by Sara Kristiina Albrecht in Phu Quoc sans the 26 photos: “Trash island loves to live in dangerous ugly conditions. Seems i am still the only one in this modern residential area who would prefer to live in a nice clean and healthy environment. Nobody gives a fuck to help cleaning or address the issue that construction sites are still the worst polluters and new residents are apparently not briefed on how to dispose of trash properly in Trash island Phu Quoc.”

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