Beyond the hype, a dirty side of Da Lat

Trash is left at Lam Vien Square in the heart of Da Lat. Photo by Paul Olivier I was pleased to see VNExpress International publish this article by Paul Olivier. The dire situation that he describes applies to many cities and towns throughout Vietnam. Be sure to have a look at the comments. Paul criticizes … Continue reading Beyond the hype, a dirty side of Da Lat

The Normalization of Environmental Pollution

Credit: MAA On a recent trip to Móng Cái in northern Viet Nam on the Chinese border, I had the chance to spend some time at a nearby beach. Above and below are photos of some of the items that were either left there by tourists or that washed up, e.g., country of origin, China, … Continue reading The Normalization of Environmental Pollution

Vietnam: Fewer Natural Forests, Increasingly More Golf Courses

This essay is from a website called TheVietnamese with the tagline Independent Journalism Matter. What it describes is yet another example of development in Viet Nam that is far from sustainable and of ecocide, defined as the destruction of the natural environment by deliberate or negligent human action. Who will benefit? That's easy. The company … Continue reading Vietnam: Fewer Natural Forests, Increasingly More Golf Courses

Trash, Trash, Everywhere, Everywhere!

Photo by MAA. This is a common sight in Viet Nam, especially in the countryside. Like a magnet, a small trash dump becomes a large one. Let's take a partial inventory of the items in this disgusting pile of garbage, shall we? ---lots of plastic bags (it can take up to 1,000 years for a … Continue reading Trash, Trash, Everywhere, Everywhere!