Putting Garbage In Its Place

These pictures were taken this morning here in Dalat. How on earth can people be allowed to do this? Why does the city not enforce the law? Paul Olivier, Dalat The quote and photos are from a recent Facebook post by Paul Olivier, a US expat who lives in Dalat. Paul is a passionate advocate … Continue reading Putting Garbage In Its Place

‘Tis the Season to Burn Trash

This is a guest essay written by Dr. Paul Olivier, a US expat who lives in Dalat, a major tourist destination that is known as the honeymoon capital of Viet Nam. The sad and infuriating stories he tells are common throughout Viet Nam. Too many people have a total disregard for the environment. Pollution is … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season to Burn Trash

From the Sewer to Your Table?

Photos by Paul Olivier Here's a recent Facebook post from Paul Olivier, a US expat who has lived in Dalat for many years. As someone who is deeply concerned about the environment, he's taken thousands of photos documenting different kinds of pollution, including the cesspool that is Xuân Hương Lake, the heart of the city. … Continue reading From the Sewer to Your Table?