Is Vietnam the Next ‘Asian Miracle’?

The country is making autocratic capitalism work unusually well. Hang Ma Street in Hanoi, last month. Linh Pham/Getty Images This 13.10.20 New York Times op-ed by Ruchir Sharma, the chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, is a decent analysis for someone who is probably writing about Viet Nam from his perch in New … Continue reading Is Vietnam the Next ‘Asian Miracle’?

“The story of Viet Nam’s economic miracle”

Walking around in Ha Noi, Viet Nam’s capital, you can feel boundless energy everywhere. People whiz by on scooters, buy and sell everything from phones to food in the countless small shops, and run to and fro to get to school or work. Viet Nam is young, growing, and anything feels possible. It wasn’t always … Continue reading “The story of Viet Nam’s economic miracle”

Happy Planet Index: Viet Nam Ranks 5th Overall & 2nd in Asia Pacific

Vietnam ranks fifth in the Happy Planet Index results, and second in the Asia Pacific region. This Southeast Asian country, characterised by its mountains and tropical forests, has a strikingly low Ecological Footprint and economic output per head almost 24 times smaller than nearby Hong Kong. Vietnam is one of just three countries in the … Continue reading Happy Planet Index: Viet Nam Ranks 5th Overall & 2nd in Asia Pacific

Good Morning Future Wealth, Vietnam

For reformers, the country’s economic and political rise could be just about to start. Good piece by Anthony Fensom about a joint report, New Report Lays Out Path for Vietnam to Reach Upper-Middle-Income Status in 20 Years, released on 23 February 2016 by the Vietnamese government and the World Bank, that suggests Vietnam could achieve upper-middle … Continue reading Good Morning Future Wealth, Vietnam