VinUniversity as the Crown Jewel of Vinhomes Ocean Park

This is an ad for Vinhomes Ocean Park, a new development on the outskirts of Hanoi. (0% interest until 30 March 2022; 35-year mortgage!) Note that VinUniversity is featured as the centerpiece of this new community, an example of doing well (profit) and doing good (community service). This has played out pretty much as I … Continue reading VinUniversity as the Crown Jewel of Vinhomes Ocean Park

"Hanoi’s Formula One track nears finish line"

Photo courtesy of VNExpress International According to Chung (Nguyen Duc Chung, chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee), the event is a further demonstration of Vietnam’s ability, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, to host events on a global scale and attract tourism to the country.  I'm not a big fan of … Continue reading "Hanoi’s Formula One track nears finish line"

Air quality app under ‘coordinated attack’ in Vietnam amid heavy Hanoi smog

Sometimes, the truth hurts but it's also useful in solving problems, both individual and societal.  You know the expression, "The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one."  Here are two key paragraphs from this 7 October Reuters piece about Hanoi's recent and cyclical air pollution problem and some misguided attempts to … Continue reading Air quality app under ‘coordinated attack’ in Vietnam amid heavy Hanoi smog

West Point in Viet Nam?

I can assure you that whoever created the original marketing and promotion campaign for Vinhomes West Point (2nd image) did not receive an Employee of the Month award.  I noticed this on Facebook and wondered how long it would last.  It was a lame attempt at honor and prestige by association by comparing the United States … Continue reading West Point in Viet Nam?

Dancing in the Park

For as long as cities have existed, people have needed spaces where communities can gather and individuals can meet, find diversions, and conduct business.  In various times and places, public markets, city parks, wide sidewalks, village and city squares, malls around national monuments, and other organized and unorganized public spaces have filled these roles.  In … Continue reading Dancing in the Park