“This is a crime against our planet.”

Indeed. Three words that immediately popped into my head after glancing at this disturbing photo were fetid, macabre, and surreal. It is both sad and infuriating, yet another depressing example of ecocide.

The oversized teddy bear is Brown of LINE (chat app) fame. Maybe a child or someone’s girlfriend got tired of him. What better place to dispose of Brown than a local body of water face up, arms open, and wondering what the hell the world is coming to?

Posted by Paul Olivier on his Facebook page

Here are two related articles, one about Paul (by me) and another by him. Read them, become angry, then do something, however small.

Militancy for an Existential Cause: Environmental Protection in Vietnam (9.2.23)

Beyond the hype, a dirty side of Da Lat (3.12.22)

Shalom (שלום), MAA

2 thoughts on ““This is a crime against our planet.”

  1. Worse yet, that water looks like it is almost pure “black water” (untreated) raw sewerage, typical throughout much of SE Asia.

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