From the Sewer to Your Table?

Photos by Paul Olivier

Here’s a recent Facebook post from Paul Olivier, a US expat who has lived in Dalat for many years. As someone who is deeply concerned about the environment, he’s taken thousands of photos documenting different kinds of pollution, including the cesspool that is Xuân Hương Lake, the heart of the city. The lake is full of chemicals from pesticide and fertilizer runoff, not to mention untreated sewage. Warning: While it’s beautiful from afar, don’t get to close after eating.

Caught in the act!

This fisherman was hauling in fish from several boats this morning. He was very upset when we started taking his picture. This poor man is actively engaged in poisoning people with some highly contaminated fish. Why does the city of Dalat not shut him down?

Good question. Whoever buys and consumes this fish is increasing her/his chances of developing cancer. Think of it as a culinary time bomb that begins ticking the moment you ingest this poisoned meat. What these fishermen are doing is a crime against their fellow human beings. One of Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins comes to mind: Commerce Without Morality. The sale of contaminated food is a public health hazard. Why isn’t fishing in this highly polluted lake forbidden and the law enforced?

Shalom (שלום), MAA

P.S.: On a personal note, whenever I eat fish, I need to know the source. Life is already short; why make it shorter?

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