“California South University” is Back in the News!

It appears that the great California South University (CSU), a diploma mill based in Irvine, CA, is in the news again. I noticed a spike in traffic to my blog, in particular previous posts about CSU, including one linked in a February 2018 post by Derek Lowe entitled The Dark Side – Down the Rabbit Hole With Alireza Heidari. It was published in the Science Translational Medicine section of the website of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), an island of rationality in a raging sea of Trumpian lunacy. You have to read it to believe it.

I got the ball rolling over nine years ago with these posts:

where can i buy an accredited overseas phd? (24.1.11)

“CSU” Reprise (aka The Other Shoe Just Dropped) (10.2.11)

Here are others that I found online in descending chronological order:

California South University from a blog entitled SCHOLARLY OUTLAWS spotlight on academic swindles (5.1.20)

Fake School California South University Is The University Of Alberta’s Evil Twin (17.3.18)

“The University of Alberta, Southern California” from the website of Grover Lab, Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Riverside (10.12.17)

I know life is short but if you take a minute or two – just for laughs and maybe a few tears – to take a look at the CSU website. Be sure to check out their Notable People. Derek Lowe wrote about “Alireza Heidari.” On that list of eight people there’s also “Prof. Dr. Kenneth Brisham, FULL DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR AND ACADEMIC TENURE OF LAW” with a photo of Jeb Bush. You can’t make this stuff up, even though CSU did.

Note: Interestingly, the CSU domain has a London, England address and the IP location is in Germany. Truly international. The logo is also new. It looks like something they made on one of those online logo makers. Create your own logo in 5 minutes!

Source: CSU

I’m pleased that people like Lowe and others have continued to build on that foundation. CSU is both laughable and shameful. It confirms a statement I made a long time ago that the US exports some of the world’s best and worst higher education. One could apply that statement to the entire educational system, for that matter, which runs the gamut from stellar and good to bad and downright ugly.

There’s something very Trumpian about this faux university aka diploma mill. Fake website, alternative “academic” reality, wink, nod, sell, repeat. Since netizens are still flocking to my blog looking to buy diplomas of all kinds, I assume that business is brisk.

As with other fraudulent businesses, the customers are willing co-conspirators and partners in crime. While I understand why the US government does nothing because of its own issues with corruption and incompetence, it’s beyond me why the state of California permits this diploma mill to remain in operation. That fat lady hasn’t sung yet on this issue.

NOTE: CSU isn’t the only diploma mill in the US.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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