Guns are US(A)

A Vietnamese version of the article below appeared on 6 August in the Voices section of, a major media outlet in Viet Nam.  This is the unabridged English version with photos.   Postscript: Here's an irony for you. Delaware is an open carry state but it doesn't permit online orders for wine. On the other hand, … Continue reading Guns are US(A)

Gun Violence & Study in the USA

I spoke to some students last Friday at a top private high school in Hanoi about overseas study.  Among the small group that was planning to study overseas, they mentioned Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand as potential destinations.  Not one expressed interest in studying in the US.  When I asked why, they … Continue reading Gun Violence & Study in the USA

Study in the USA: A Service Sector Export That No Longer Sells Itself

This matter-of-fact assertion does not (and should not) come as a surprise to US colleagues who recruit internationally.  Here's a recent story that inspired this post, so to speak, plus a heartfelt appeal.  I noticed that a number of students had applied to, been admitted by, and received visas to attend a particular school in … Continue reading Study in the USA: A Service Sector Export That No Longer Sells Itself

Set Thine House in Order

America’s Love Affair with Guns & the Potential Impact on International Student Recruitment We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere in the world. - US President Barack Obama Exceptional indeed.  Another day in the US, another mass shooting.  Aside from the tragic fact that another 14 … Continue reading Set Thine House in Order