Why we do what we do: A US international educator’s moral quandary

Stores that sell guns and related items are common in many US states.  I took this one a few years ago in my home state of Delaware.

Here’s my latest article for University World News. (The editor shortened the title to Gun Violence: An International Educator’s Moral Quandary.) It was inspired, so to speak, by this Facebook post written by a US international recruitment colleague in response to the May 2022 elementary school shooting in Texas:

It is days like today in the USA when I have an internal ethical struggle with my job… the job I’ve had for 20+ years… the job I love and find so rewarding… the job that has shown me the world and taught me so much about life. Outreaching to and recruiting international students to come to this country for a powerful educational experience and a valuable higher education degree. I feel guilty sometimes working with students and families in their pursuit to come to America to experience our culture. Why would anyone want to come here right now? We have some major issues to work out as a society and as a country that the entire world is watching closely.

Image: iStock (graphic used by UWN)

I also highly recommend a related article, The US has an instability problem and it’s affecting HE, co-authored by one of my Ph.D. mentors and professors, Philip G. Altbach.

I welcome your comments.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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