“Higher Ed as a Weapon” Revisited

Below is a diplomatic cable that was leaked in the spring of 2008 by someone working for the US Embassy in Hanoi. I became aware of this document when it magically appeared in my inbox. Keep in mind that this was in the pre-Wikileaks era. Obviously, someone wanted the world to know (thank you, someone!) … Continue reading “Higher Ed as a Weapon” Revisited

“Qualities incomprehensible to the ‘think tank’ specialists”

Below is an excerpt from Ho Chi Minh - An Appreciation by Wilfred Burchett. It was published in 1972 but its relevance in 2020 is obvious. It would be interesting to have a discussion, especially with young Vietnamese, about their interpretation of Burchett's wartime reflections. Thanks to his son, George, for the heads-up. If it … Continue reading “Qualities incomprehensible to the ‘think tank’ specialists”

Lansdale’s Ghost

Below is a review of Max Boot's book about Edward Lansdale by Thomas A. Bass that appeared in the May 2018 issue the Mekong Review.  In case you don't know who Max Boot, check out this Wikipedia entry.  He is one of the resident US nationalists at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Bass describes … Continue reading Lansdale’s Ghost

“Losing Hearts & Minds” Say What?

(US) American-Iranian Relations & International Education during the Cold War The question remains about how institutions of higher education can thrive economically and promote responsible internationalization. On the one hand, educational exchange can help generate change around the world and enhance American influence and prestige. On the other hand, schools, like nations, should not compromise … Continue reading “Losing Hearts & Minds” Say What?