Viet Nam’s GDP & Study in the USA

Here are some graphs that I use in presentations to graphically illustrate Viet Nam's meteoric economic rise in the past decade and then some.  The take-off phase began with my arrival in 2005, a mere coincidence, and perhaps an example of a word I often associate with Viet Nam, serendipity.  The icing on the cake … Continue reading Viet Nam’s GDP & Study in the USA

Good Morning Future Wealth, Vietnam

For reformers, the country’s economic and political rise could be just about to start. Good piece by Anthony Fensom about a joint report, New Report Lays Out Path for Vietnam to Reach Upper-Middle-Income Status in 20 Years, released on 23 February 2016 by the Vietnamese government and the World Bank, that suggests Vietnam could achieve upper-middle … Continue reading Good Morning Future Wealth, Vietnam