Time & Money for Fake Universities But Not Routine Data Updates

NOTE: Here's the correct link to my latest University World News essay, Vietnamese student enrolment in the US holds steady. Mea culpa! The clock is stuck at March 2019. While information may not always be power, it certainly is helpful in professional decision-making. The last SEVIS by the Numbers update was 10 months ago. I … Continue reading Time & Money for Fake Universities But Not Routine Data Updates

Links for University World News Article

Why constructive criticism of the US is not anti-American May-September 2019 US Student Visa Update from Viet Nam (11-19) US Student Visa Issuances Up in May-July 2019 Over 2018 (8-19) Number of Vietnamese Students in the US Rebounds (5-19) #YouAreWelcomeWhere?  A Call to Action (10-18) To many Vietnamese, US still a top overseas study destination in spite of Donald … Continue reading Links for University World News Article

“The Outlook On (US) Immigration In 2020”

Here's a relevant paragraph from Stuart Anderson's 6.1.20 article for Forbes: New Restrictions on International Students: New enrollment of international students fell by more than 10% between the 2015-16 and 2018-2019 academic years. That has not discouraged the Trump administration from proposing additional international student restrictions. Items on the administration’s regulatory agenda include targeting Optional Practical Training (OPT), establishing … Continue reading “The Outlook On (US) Immigration In 2020”

“Bad rap haunts Vietnam despite tourism boom”

I was interviewed for this 31.12.19 VNExpress International article by Quy Nguyen about some challenges facing the tourism industry in Viet Nam. Below is the entire interview. The phrase "bad rap" indicates that the reputation is undeserved when, in fact, these are all legitimate and, in some cases, critical issues. As an expat living in … Continue reading “Bad rap haunts Vietnam despite tourism boom”

2019: A Year to Remember

Dear Friends, Colleagues, & Followers, The title of this post has a mostly positive connotation. Yes, these are challenging times in the fields of international education in general and international student recruitment in particular, for some countries more than others because of sociopolitical changes. The good news is that there is still tremendous interest in … Continue reading 2019: A Year to Remember