International Academic Centers (IACs) in Vietnam

On behalf of Capstone Vietnam, I’m pleased to welcome Kansas State University to our International Academic Center (IAC) in Hanoi.   

What is an IAC?

The IAC is a unique offshore development model for US and other foreign institutions of higher education, a shared facility that serves as a home base and an incubator from which a school can promote its programs and services in Vietnam, and even regionally.  This includes hiring a local staff member who will exclusively represent the school.

The IACs provide a state-of-the art, multilingual and collegial work environment for a client’s Vietnam country coordinator to do her/his work.  The center is supported by Capstone staff, and includes a reception area and conference room for meetings and presentations.  I provide assistance, supervision and strategic input on an as-needed basis.


Some possible activities include the following:

Student recruitment, including representation at fairs and related events

Home base for visiting faculty and staff

Venue for meetings, information sessions, and training

Alumni outreach

Monitoring of local education agents, if applicable

Identify other opportunities in Vietnam, including training and degree programs


  • Long-term, in-country presence
  • Free advising services provided to students and parents
  • No commissions
  • Your representative works for your institution
  • Build a brand in Vietnam, which ranks 8th among all sending countries in the US
  • Explore other opportunities, in addition to student recruitment
  • Convenience:  Capstone Vietnam handles all administrative work related to your representative’s employment.

IAC Members

Capstone accepts expressions of interest from officially accredited institutions of higher education (i.e., regionally accredited only, in the case of the US), US state higher education consortia and secondary schools, as well as nonprofit organizations, professional associations, other non-profit organizations and private sector companies whose work is related to education and international educational exchange.  Members may share the cost of an in-country representative.  There are plans to open an IAC in Ho Chi Minh City later this year.


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