Reflections on a Dirty Industry

No, not that industry, which is literally dirty and a major contributor to global climate change. I'm referring to international student recruitment, which is often a figuratively dirty industry. A US higher education colleague who has been around the block a few times recently asked me this question: "At the risk of sounding like a … Continue reading Reflections on a Dirty Industry

Cheating Without Borders

As seen on Capstone Educational Consulting's Facebook page. The logo looks it was created by a free online logo generator. Love the color, too: shades of baby puke green. I recently came across Capstone Educational Consulting, a company in Myanmar with a familiar-sounding name. As their website points out, the company was founded "with the … Continue reading Cheating Without Borders

Cheating in the Education Industry: Let Me Count the Ways!

Here's another one to add to my long and ever-growing list.  It's a variation on the theme of the classic dog and pony show that so many education fairs are these days.   As a fair organizer, do you want to guarantee a certain number of students at your events?  Don't go the route of ethical … Continue reading Cheating in the Education Industry: Let Me Count the Ways!