Family Ties to New England

Rockport, Maine During an early summer trip to the US, we spent a few days visiting friends in Maine via Boston. Knowing my interest in genealogy, one friend joked about my settler-colonizer ancestors resting eternally in the cemetery near his house. After doing some research, his comment turned out to be half-in-jest. Some distant cousins … Continue reading Family Ties to New England

Mixing Historical Apples & Oranges

The book I'm currently reading. If you haven't heard of Kent Nerburn and you're interested in US history and various Native American tribes that have been victimized and marginalized by said history, I recommend that you to look him up. I follow him on Facebook (I'm an author who works in the fields of spirituality … Continue reading Mixing Historical Apples & Oranges

A Vietnamese tradition inspires a genealogical journey

Here's my latest essay for VNExpress International. In it I mention a December 2021 article From New England to Vietnam: Settler Colonialism in Cross-Cultural Perspective that was published behind a paywall. Since VNExpress doesn't include links to other sites, follow this link to another blog post to read it free of charge. Photo courtesy of … Continue reading A Vietnamese tradition inspires a genealogical journey