“And where there is sadness, joy” by Kent Nerburn

The image is linked to the book on Amazon.com This is a story written by US writer Kent Nerburn that went viral as The Last Cab Ride. Originally entitled The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget, it appeared in his 1999 book, Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace. I reprint it here because I want … Continue reading “And where there is sadness, joy” by Kent Nerburn

Mixing Historical Apples & Oranges

The book I'm currently reading. If you haven't heard of Kent Nerburn and you're interested in US history and various Native American tribes that have been victimized and marginalized by said history, I recommend that you to look him up. I follow him on Facebook (I'm an author who works in the fields of spirituality … Continue reading Mixing Historical Apples & Oranges