FUV Views

Click on the above image to see why three “people at Fulbright University Vietnam” may have paid my LinkedIn account a visit. Hint: It may have something to do with this 9.12.20 post entitled Fulbright University Vietnam Professor Gets the Ax, not to mention other posts and articles about FUV, all of which are listed below in descending chronological order.

“Beijing’s Expanding Shadow: Choices for Vietnam” (20.10.20)

Coming to Terms with the Past by Honoring Historical Truth: The Case of Fulbright University Vietnam (2.8.19)

Expanding the Fulbright Legacy in Vietnam (?) (15.2.19)

Fulbright University Vietnam & Moral Leadership? (10.1.19)

More Demons Unleashed After Fulbright University Vietnam Official Drops Rhetorical Bombshells (17.8.18)

Fulbright University Vietnam & Free Speech: “Do As We Say, Not As We Do” (3.11.17)

The Fat Lady Finally Sings: Bob Kerrey Quietly Resigns from Fulbright University Vietnam Leadership Position (27.5.17)

47 Signatories Urge Bob Kerrey to Resign from Fulbright University Viet Nam Position (8.9.16)

Bob Kerrey and Fulbright University – What were they thinking? (8.7.16)

“Fulbright University Viet Nam – Starting on the Wrong Foot” (6.6.16)

Vietnam-Fulbright University (of Vietnam)? (24.8.15)

Of Proposed Fulbright Cuts, Reaper Drones & the American Fulbright University in Vietnam (26.5.14)

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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