“Vietnamese collectivism during challenging time inspires foreigner”

Photo courtesy of Hanoi Times

Follow this link to read some reflections about COVID-19 in an essay I wrote last July at the request of Hanoi Times. Here are two excerpts to whet your appetite for more – or not.

One of the traits of the Vietnamese people that inspires me is their optimism during challenging times and their ability to tap into the collectivism that lurks beneath the cultural surface to defeat a common enemy, in this case, an invisible one.

Why can’t this collectivist approach be applied to other urgent and even existential problems such as environmental pollution? A tantalizing possibility to consider in the post-Covid-19 period.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

One thought on ““Vietnamese collectivism during challenging time inspires foreigner”

  1. As I heard Lady Bordon once describe them as a consensus people.. much more than our fragmented American people… Lots of courage, grace and resiliency as well… Peace and blessings, Jon ________________________________

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