View From Vietnam: COVID-19 Reminds the World That Trump Has No Clothes

Emperor Trump has no clothes (David Horsey/LA Times)

Here’s my latest essay for CounterPunch about Trump and COVID-19. As I mention in passing, The coronavirus lays bare on an almost daily basis the litany of faults and weaknesses of Donald Trump and the country he was elected to lead. I focus on the former; it’s best to save the latter for another article or more.

As the title indicates, there is also a Viet Nam angle, e.g., Those who live in Viet Nam, both Vietnamese and expats, can be grateful they live in a country whose leadership has taken action that shows concern for the health and welfare of the people and that has acted swiftly in the spirit of collective consent and action. The contrast with Donald Trump and his administration couldn’t be starker or grimmer.

Here’s how both countries are doing, as of the evening of 17 April 2020, local (Viet Nam) time:

Viet Nam

Confirmed cases: 268
Recovered: 198
Deaths: 0 (!)
Active cases: 70


Confirmed cases: 678,210
Recovered: 57,844
Deaths: 34,641
Active cases: 585,725

Shalom (שלום), MAA