Buyer beware – Advice for international students

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Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote about a certain type of Vietnamese student who is interested in overseas study.  It applies to students in other countries as well.  Follow this link to read the 15 July 2016 University World News article in its entirety. A Vietnamese version was published last month in VietNamNetTiến sĩ mách nước du học không mất 15.000 đô tư vấn


One of the morals of Tue’s story is that students can save their parents hard-earned money and their precious time by not engaging the services of one of these educational consulting companies.

Why? Because they are extremely bright, highly motivated and are already tapped into the appropriate networks, online and offline, which have the potential of taking them where they want to go. They are also able to access a wealth of information online and from peers currently studying in the US and other countries.

Doing it ‘their way’ also ensures that their applications will be honest and authentic, qualities on which admission committees, which operate in a sea of disingenuity and tweaked applications, place great value.

Who should use an education agent?

Those who need guidance and advice that will help them navigate a higher education system as vast and complex as that of the United States, for example.

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