Vietnam Youth Speak 2014

Vietnam Youth Speak 2014

The RMIT chapter of AIESEC has launched an online survey called Vietnam Youth Speak 2014.  AIESEC in Vietnam was established in 2006. For the past 7 years it has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences across Vietnam.

The survey, which has 40 questions and takes an estimated 10 minutes to complete, consists of four components:

Study:  Does academic education in university prepare youth sufficiently for the workplace? How youth can develop via extra-curricular activities?

Work:  What do youth think is the most attractive career nowadays? Which factor will keep youth motivated to contribute to business?

Communicate:  Compared to gen X, gen Y and Z are strongly influenced by technology and social media. How these changes shape the way youth communicate with each other?

Care:  Society is calling youth to create a positive impact on the community. What are the issues youth care about and how are youth contributing to solve the problems?

The statistical goals of the survey are as follows:

  • Total completed surveys:  10,000
  • Cities and Provinces:  7
  • Universities:  93
  • Days:  60

YSlogo_black_EN-smallWhile about 1/3 of the survey is devoted to collecting information about AIESEC in Vietnam in an effort to determine how many young people know about the organization, what their impressions are, etc., it’s clear that the results of the other two-thirds will be of interest to educators and employers.  It requests extensive information about what students think various facets of their higher education experience, their post-graduation plans, including overseas study, what types of careers they’re most interested in, sources of information about careers, what factors influenced their choice of career, use of technology, values, most important societal issues,

It mentions the following AIESEC programs:

  • Career Development
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Literacy
  • Global Citizen (a 6-week program to develop youth leadership in a social project abroad)

Student who complete the survey and wish to have a chance to win an Apple iPod and receive a copy of the report in July are encouraged to submit their email address.

The survey partners (i.e., corporate sponsors) are  corporate sponsors are Adecco, an  HR company, Nielsen and Unilever.


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