Three Vietnamese Universities in Asia’s Top 300


Three Vietnamese universities, including Vietnam National University (VNU)-Hanoi, VNU-Ho Chi Minh City and the University of Science and Technology in Hanoi, were ranked among the top 300 in Asia in the QS University Rankings: Asia.  Published annually since 2009, the QS University Rankings: Asia provides an overview of the top universities in Asia.  The rankings are calculated based on nine key performance indicators.

The methodology differs somewhat from that used for the QS World University Rankings® based on feedback collected from the region, the expert assessment of important factors in the region and the availability of data.

  • 30%    ACADEMIC REPUTATION from global survey
  • 10%    EMPLOYER REPUTATION from global survey
  • 20%    FACULTY STUDENT Ratio
  • 15%    CITATIONS PER PAPER from SciVerse Scopus
  • 15%    PAPERS PER FACULTY from SciVerse Scopus
  • 2.5%    Proportion of INTERNATIONAL FACULTY
  • 2.5%    Proportion of INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
  • 2.5%    Proportion of INBOUND EXCHANGE STUDENTS
  • 2.5%    Proportion of OUTBOUND EXCHANGE STUDENTS

VNU-Hanoi is in group 161-170, VNU-HCMC in group 191-200 and the University of Science and Technology in group 251-300.  Since there is no national ranking system, a growing number of Vietnamese universities are anxious to enhance their reputation by appearing in international rankings, including QS, because of their perceived credibility.


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