Ten Most Popular Posts of 2012

Gold top 10 winnerIt’s that time of year again.  First, I would like to wish you, dear reader, a New Year filled with happiness, good health, peace and prosperity.  Secondly, I hope that you’ve been found something on these pages – bits and pieces of useful information, an insight, an idea – that is some benefit to you. 

People visit An International Educator in Vietnam from a number of virtual locations.  Some arrive here from a search engine while others visit on a regular basis looking for up-to-date information about Vietnam and, in particular, US-Vietnam educational exchange. Still others are “regulars” (i.e., subscribers). 

Interestingly, five of the top 10 posts are from 2011 and 2010.  (My biographical sketch is a permanent fixture.)  A November 2010 post about student visas and US community colleges remains in 1st place.  In 2nd place is a post that has nothing to do with Vietnam,  education or US-Vietnam educational exchange but everything to do with love:  a bilingual Valentine’s Day greeting.   (This post received 2,124 visits!  :-))   I’ve seen a steady stream of visits from people looking for information about US nationalism, hence the 8th place ranking of the post about nationalism, patriotism and global citizenship. 

The posts that also made it into the top ten in 2011 are the ones about buying an accredited overseas Ph.D. (yes, most are serious) and about the AIESEC “Developing Leaders” conference, held in Hanoi in January 2011.   (Hey, AIESEC!  What’s up!)

And now, without further ado, here are the top 10 posts from 2012:

Of Student Visas & Community Colleges (14.11.10)

Chúc mừng ngày lễ Tình Nhân! Happy Valentine’s Day! (14.2.12)

where can i buy an accredited overseas phd?  (24.1.11)

Education UK: Vietnam Country Partner Meeting  (21.10.11)

In the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit: Saving Souls Through English Teaching in Vietnam  (21.4.11)

Hieu’s Story: The Next Chapter  (4.1.12)

AIESEC “Developing Leaders” Conference  (17.1.11)

Talking Nationalism, Patriotism and Global Citizenship with US Students in Vietnam  (16.3.12)

Broward College in Vietnam  (11.4.12)

Who Am I?/Tôi Là Ai?


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