Broward College in Vietnam

Broward College, based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is one of the larger and more internationally active community colleges in the US.  It has an enrollment of 70,000 students and ranks 40th on the Open Doors 2011 list of community colleges that host international students with 491.  Most of its international students – not included in the Open Doors stats – are enrolled in Broward programs in five (5) countries in Asia and South America. 

Broward, through local partners, offers associate degree programs in Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.  Each of these programs permits students to transfer to Broward or another foreign (e.g., US, Australia, Singapore) institution of higher education at any time. 

The college awards credits and provides official transcripts for students enrolled in each of these programs.  As its website notes, Broward’s SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation extends only to the Broward College academic programs at these five sites, not to the institutions themselves.

Program in Vietnam

The Vietnamese American Vocational Training College (VATC) is Broward’s international affiliate in Ho Chi Minh City, acquired by Blackhorse Asset Management.  The goal is to offer a comparable US community college experience in terms of admission procedures, facilities, academic and career advising and teaching.  As David More, Broward’s associate vice president for international education, noted, “Unlike with universities which just cooperate in international programs with international schools, Broward College Vietnam will assure students of first-class facilities and programs of a U.S. international college in order that after two years of studying in major with AA or AS degrees, students can be well-equipped to work or going for a two-year-transfer in the U.S., Australia or Singapore.”

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