Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2011

People visit my blog for many and varied reasons.  Some arrive here from a search engine while others visit on a regular basis looking for up-to-date information about Vietnam and, in particular, US-Vietnam educational exchange. 

Here are the top ten posts of 2011.  The first one from November 2010 about student visas and US community colleges was by far the most popular and the last, consistent with the expression “last but not least,” is the most-viewed post since the birth of An International Educator in Vietnam in November 2009. 

Sandwiched in between  #1 and #10 are posts that address a range of topics, issues and people from David Shear, the (relatively) new US Ambassador to Vietnam (an excellent choice, by the way), nationally accredited US schools active in Vietnam, most of which are for-profit online universities, and a January 2011 AIESEC Vietnam conference (“Hey, AIESEC!  What’s Up?”) to Wikileaks and Vietnam, Who Am I?/Tôi Là Ai?, the College of Charleston’s Center of Vietnamese Enterprise, Tan Tao University and, one of my personal favorites, where can i buy an accredited overseas phd? 

Most who read the latter post are sorely disappointed because they really are in the market for “an accredited overseas phd.”  Memo to the wannabes, credit cards in hand, who want to buy a Ph.D. and delude themselves into thinking they can join that select group of those who can call themselves “Dr.” (about 1% of the US population): Why not actually pay your dues and earn one the old-fashioned way?  Oh, I forgot – you just want the “prestige” and other goodies associated with having these three letters after your name without having to doing any work or make any sacrifices.  Of course, once someone finds out it’s as fake as a three dollar bill, people will just pity you.  Depending upon your position, you may even end up getting your 15 minutes of fame, or infamy (?) and/or lose your job. 

Back down off of my soapbox…  and now to the list: 

  1. Of Student Visas & Community Colleges 
  2.  Obama Nominates David Shear to Become the Next US Ambassador to Vietnam 
  3. Wikileaks & Vietnam 
  4. Nationally Accredited U.S. Institutions with a Vietnam Connection 
  5. Who Am I?/Tôi Là Ai? 
  6. AIESEC “Developing Leaders” Conference 
  7. College of Charleston Establishes Center of Vietnamese Enterprise
  8.  where can i buy an accredited overseas phd?
  9. Tan Tao University 
  10. US-Based or Affiliated Unaccredited Institutions in Vietnam

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