Study Abroad Opportunities in Vietnam for US Students

By Elaine Hirsch, Guest Blogger Vietnam offers a multitude of experiences for U.S. students who want to go off the beaten path.  Most programs range from a few weeks to a semester and involve a variety of fields of academic study.  US students who choose Vietnam as a study abroad destination are members of a rather exclusive … Continue reading Study Abroad Opportunities in Vietnam for US Students

U.S. Students in Vietnam

According to the latest statistics (i.e., 2007/08), there are fewer than 700 U.S. students in Vietnam.  Most come with short-term programs, including study tours.  In contrast, there were nearly 13,000 Vietnamese students enrolled in U.S. degree programs last year - the higher education equivalent of a massive trade imbalance. In addition to quantity, it would be great to see more diversity in … Continue reading U.S. Students in Vietnam