Top 10 Overseas Study Destinations for Young Vietnamese

These countries host 90% of all Vietnamese studying abroad, over two-thirds (67%) of whom are in Asian countries. The USA is still the leading English-speaking destination. Vietnam ranks 6th among places of origin.

Source: Chào Hanoi

S. Korea: 70,212 (2023) 

Japan: 37,405 (2022) 

USA: 25,198 (2-23)

Australia: 21,316 (1-23)

Taiwan: 20,000 (2022)

Canada: 16,140 (as of 12-22)

China: 12,000 (2021-22)  Note: The website is in Chinese.

Singapore: 9,000 (2023) Note: The article is in Vietnamese. I’ve seen this figure from previous years. I’m waiting for an official update from the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Germany: 7,582 (2021/22) 

UK: 7,140 (2021/22 – HE) This figure does not include the number of boarding and day school students.

TOTAL: 225,993 (90.40% of total)

Top 15 countries include France (5,259 in 2021/22), Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and New Zealand: 1,855 in 2021.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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