FY2022 US Student Visa Trends in Vietnam

For those of you who follow these trends, i.e., recruitment colleagues, here’s the picture so far for FY2022 in ascending chronological order.

October 2021: 178 (HCMC); 60 (Hanoi)

November 2021: 388 (HCMC); 121 (Hanoi)

December 2021: 249 (HCMC); 231 (Hanoi

January 2022: 168 (HCMC); 87 (Hanoi)

February 2022: 87 (HCMC); 28 (Hanoi)

March 2022: 115 (HCMC); 47 (Hanoi

April 2022: 132 (HCMC); 98 (Hanoi)

May 2022: 362 (HCMC) 409 (Hanoi)

June 2022: 2432 (HCMC); 1412 (Hanoi)

TOTAL: 6442 (first six months of FY22)

The good news is that the number of student visa issuances in 2022 will surpass those of the previous year (6,836), one indication the market is recovering from the pandemic.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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