One thought on “Former US Ambassador to Viet Nam Chooses Expediency Over Integrity Time and Again

  1. Here’s Chuck Searcy’s introduction to my article in the 28.11.21 issue of his weekly “Việt Nam Notes”:

    “This Counterpunch article by Mark Ashwill casts a critical light on the former US Ambassador to Viet Nam, Ted Osius, who made many friendships among the Vietnamese and international communities during his tenure here. Most in that group might not argue with Ashwill’s presentation of facts, but many might question the usefulness of re-examining such details when only Osius knows the reasons for his actions and statements. The former ambassador may have disclosed his motivations more precisely in his book, which I have purchased but I have not yet read. This article compels me to move the book to the top of my reading list.”

    Regarding the former ambassador’s “actions and statements”, I would argue that there’s no point in trying to defend the indefensible.


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