COVID-19 Pandemic As Advertising Opportunity

As part of my ongoing ethnographic research, I was intrigued by this commercial on VTV3. There are basically four places where you can buy meat and other products in Viet Nam: 1) an open market; 2) a private supplier; 3) a supermarket; and 4) a convenience store. This was the first time I had seen an attack on traditional open markets, where Vietnamese have purchased meat and produce for centuries. It’s obvious that the meat producer in question is using the threat of coronavirus as a reason to buy their product rather than from your friendly neighborhood open market.

With widespread fears about food hygiene and rising consumer expectations regarding the same, the timing couldn’t be better. Have a look at some scenes from the commercial.

Woman at local market. Note the woman to her right coughing into her hand.
Here’s her reaction after learning about the bacteria that are on that meat because it is outdoors , unrefrigerated, and uncovered. Note she’s in some kind of laboratory.
The smiling white guy wearing the white coat presumably works for MEATDeli. All of this gives a patina of legitimacy to the product in terms of quality, safety, and trust.
This image and others like it illustrate quality through use of high-tech equipment and proper hygiene.
This contrast clearly shows an association between the coronavirus (viruses and bacteria, in general) with the regular (open market) meat and that sold by MEATDeli. The implication is that the latter is safer and better.
The mother/wife made the “right” decision for her happy family. It tastes good and is good for you!
One of the last scenes: “Clean meat” (thịt sạch) with a reference to European technology, another selling point.
Available for purchase at… Can order online for delivery.

NOTE: Needless to say, I do not represent either MEATDeli or VinMart. 🙂 This commercial is yet another reason to stop eating meat altogether and become a vegetarian.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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