“The Trump Impact Abroad” (Focus on Viet Nam)


trump-impact-abroadHere’s an excerpt from my most recent University World News article:

I spent part of a recent Sunday morning speaking to group of Vietnamese students in Hanoi who had participated in a US culture and society contest. Several were from talented and gifted high schools, including some of the finest in Viet Nam. Most had plans to study overseas, primarily in the US, but also other countries such as Australia and Canada.

At the end, I asked if they had any questions for me. One that really stood out was from a high school student who wants to study in the US. He asked if the US higher education curriculum would change if Donald Trump were to be elected president, adding rather emphatically that he would not study in the US if this was the case.

photo_4450The teaser is from the editor:  The United States election campaign could have a significant impact on the US’s ability to recruit international students from countries like Viet Nam.  While I believe that a Trump victory could have an impact, I’m not sure how significant it would be in Viet Nam, in contrast to other countries like Indonesia and Mexico. 

Follow this link to read the article in its entirety


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