Genzilla – They’re Coming – Get Ready!

genzilla cover

The times they are a-changin’ in the world of marketing.  You’ve heard a lot about Millenials (Generation Y), those born between 1976 and 1994.   The focus is beginning to shift to Generation Z, those born in 1995 or later.   According to a new report from market research company Epinion and OMD that looks at GenZ in Vietnam, all 14 million of them, they have an average monthly disposable income of 112 USD, which is considered to be significant in this emerging market.

most comfortable method of contact with friendsThe results of the survey reveal that GenZ is quite different from GenM or GenY.  For example, GenZ really just enjoy being online, hanging out and cocooning at home. Their most enjoyed activity is reading news on Facebook, and most comfortable method of contact with friends through chat apps.  Bui Tieu Vy, Epinion’s Senior Marketing Executive, noted that…

“Our results found that because the under 21s have only ever known a world with internet, the line between digital and physical is very blurred to them and most feel their existence is validated by their social media presence. They would be nothing without their phone, and a large proportion have more than one.

“On top of this, they have learned from their predecessors’ mistakes and are very skeptical, making them much more unlikely to fall for online scams. For brands this means GenZ is able to read between the lines of marketing ploys and will require much more convincing to connect with a brand than to simply be told it is good.”

If you’re interested in learning more, read one of both of these articles.

Digital Savvy but Shy: How Vietnam’s Generation Z is making brands work harder (28.7.15, short)

Vietnam’s Gen Z happier communicating via chat apps than face to face in the real world, finds study  (7-15, long)

If you’re REALLY interested in this topic, download the 26.6.15 PDF report from Epinion and read all 62 pages of it.

Genzilla Summary (p. 60)

  • Digitally popular, physically awkward
  • Mobile is a must
  • Digitally responsible
  • Socially conscious
  • Over-parented
  • Smart and in the know
  • Content followers

They’re Here.  They’re Ready.  They’re Coming to Get You.  Are you ready?  🙂



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