The First Study in the USA Blogger & Vlogger Contest

Made in Vietnam, Study in the USA

study in the usa logoStudy in the USA, a famous Seattle, Washington-based company, which began with the simple mission of providing helpful information about U.S. colleges and universities to international students and connecting them with reputable programs in the USA, is looking for its very first Study in the USA Blogger/Vlogger in Vietnam.

There’s already plenty of information and advice from experts; what’s needed is more first-hand information and a sharing of personal experience and insights.  The purpose of the nationwide Made in Vietnam, Study in the USA contest, launched in cooperation with Capstone Vietnam, a well-known human resource development company, is to find an outstanding US-bound Vietnamese student who writes and speaks well, has interesting stories to tell and is willing to make a commitment of at least one year.  Other requirements are as follows:

  • 18 years or older by this summer
  • Must be preparing to study in the U.S. this fall
  • Must be passionate about sharing your experiences with others who are planning to follow in your footsteps

The Study in the USA blogger/vlogger will create one post each week alternating between written posts and 1-minute videos. The benefits include great writing and vlogging experience, a new item for your resume, widespread exposure and recognition for your work and a modest stipend.

Photo courtesy of Study in the USA
Photo courtesy of Study in the USA

Do YOU have what it takes to become the first Study in the USA blogger – vlogger? If you think you do, send the following information about yourself, including your name, age, high school US college or university, along with a 500-word post in Vietnamese and English about a Study in the USA-related topic and a 1-minute video about a different Study in the USA-related topic, to this email address: The submission deadline is 15 June 2015.  Study in the USA colleagues will select the winner from among the best entries.

About Study in the USA

After 35 years, Study in the USA® multilingual international admissions magazines and remain valued resources among international students and respected by top U.S. programs. The U.S. education system may be as foreign as the language and equally complex. Study in the USA® gives you access to articles explaining everything from GPA to transferring to academic credits.

About Capstone Vietnam

Capstone Vietnam, whose slogan is Reaching New Heights, is a full-service educational consulting company founded in 2009.  Capstone works exclusively with regionally accredited colleges and universities in the US, the gold standard of accreditation, and officially accredited institutions in other countries.

Disclosure:  I work for Capstone Vietnam, a proud Study in the USA partner.



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