The USA & Australia Trade Places – Again!

usa flagAs of February 2015, the United States is once again the world’s leading host of Vietnamese students.  Using the SEVIS by the Numbers quarterly update, which includes both secondary and postsecondary data, there are about 26,000 Vietnamese studying in the US, rounded up by 18 students.  Since the Australian figures below encompass all sectors of that country’s educational system, the two data sets are identical in terms of what they measure.

australian flagHere is the February 2015 update from “Down Under,” provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training.  At that time, there were 359,971 enrollments by full-fee paying international students in Australia on a student visa. This represents an 11.6% increase on YTD February 2014.  Vietnamese students comprise 5% of all nationalities.

Top 5 Nationalities


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