Vietnam Now Ranks 7th Among All Sending Countries (!)

2-15 top 10 countries

According to the latest SEVIS by the Numbers quarterly update from February 2015, a real-time data snapshot of international enrollment in the US, including secondary and postsecondary levels, Vietnam now ranks 7th among all places of origin with 25,982 students, surpassing Taiwan (23,503) and nipping at the heels of Japan (26,187).  If the current trend continues, Vietnam will certainly overtake Japan as the #6 sending country in the near future.

The increase of 11% over October 2014 was the highest among the top 10 sending countries.  (India was 2nd with 9%.)  Among key countries in Asia, Chinese students held steady while the number of students from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan declined 1.2%, 10.9% and 4%, respectively.

2-15 a closer look at asia

Follow these links to download the February 2015 quarterly update (PDF) and to check out the new interactive guide to SEVIS data.

Vietnam remains one of the fastest growing markets in the world for US-bound international students, a trend I predicted (sometimes you get lucky!) and expect to continue for the foreseeable future.


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