Study in the USA to Publish Vietnamese Language Magazine

Study in the USA logoStudy in the USA ® has announced that it will publish the first-ever Vietnamese language magazine for distribution in the coming year to students and parents in Vietnam. This special pocket-size edition will feature content especially appealing to Vietnamese students, including information and articles about four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, high school completion programs, the popular 2+2 option, visa issues, intensive English programs and the US education system. It will be distributed free of charge to attendees of IIE US Higher Education Fairs, StudyUSA Higher Education Fairs and Community College Fairs in Vietnam in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.

This will be the sixth foreign language magazine published by Study in the USA, after Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. Given that parents are the key decision-makers and that very few have a reading knowledge of English, it’s essential this information be made available in the local language.


Study in the USA was founded in 1978 by Peggy Printz as a response to Asian friends asking how their children should choose and apply to universities in North America. It was the first publication promoting U.S. programs to international students and continues to be the leader in its field. Today, Study in the USA operates with the mission of providing helpful information about U.S. higher education to international students and to connect them with reputable programs. Ten regional magazines, including a boarding schools & summer studies issue, are published by Study in the USA each year for students and their parents. More than 300,000 copies are distributed annually in 123 countries., which is an award-winning website, contains profiles of hundreds of quality American programs in fourteen languages. It features in-depth articles and current news stories about international students and the US educational system, including university admissions, scholarships and testing. It also provides online advisors who will answer admissions questions and offer personal assistance with unique situations. A company of principles, Study in the USA only accepts listings from schools, universities, institutions and programs that meet the highest standards of integrity and excellence in education and service to international students. With these practices, Study in the USA has helped millions of students find US programs.

A note to my US higher ed colleagues:  For information about advertising opportunities and a chance to contribute to this new magazine, contact Travis Drageset, Marketing & Social Media, Study in the USA at (206) 622-2075 or  StudyUSA is also looking for high-quality student testimonial videos for its website. 

Disclosure: Study in the USA is a client of Capstone Vietnam, of which I’m managing director.

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