Education in Vietnam

Below is information about a new book, edited by Jonathan D. London and published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.   Dr. London is an Assistant Professor (Sociology) in the Department of Asian & International Studies at the City University of Hong Kong. 

Vietnam is a country on the move. Yet, contemporary Vietnam’s education system is at the crossroads.  Rapid economic growth has permitted rapid increases in the scale and scope of formal schooling, but there is a prevailing sense that the current education system is inadequate to the country’s needs.  Sunny assessments of Vietnam’s “achievements” in the sphere of education have given way to a realization that the country lacks skilled workers. Some have even spoken of an “education crisis”.  These are not abstract concerns. What is occurring in Vietnam’s education system today has broad implications for the country’s social, political, economic, and cultural development.

Featuring contributions from scholars and policy analysts from within and outside Vietnam, Education in Vietnam addresses key issues pertaining to the political economy of education, the provision and payment for primary and secondary education, and the development of vocational and tertiary education. The book marks an important contribution to existing understandings of Vietnam’s education system and contributes to broader understandings of social conditions and change in contemporary Vietnam.

For more information and to order, download this flier or visit the ISEAS website above.  Note:  I have not yet read the book but am planning to.  Once I have, I may have something to say about it.

One thought on “Education in Vietnam

  1. Mark, Great to learn about this page and your doings in Viet Nam. Thanks for posting this…I of course hope you and visitors of this page will find the book useful!

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