Facebook Users Reach 15 Million Mark in Vietnam!

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Break out the champagne bottles and pop those corks!  As of 11 June 2013, there were 15 million Facebook (FB) users in Vietnam, a penetration rate of 16.39%.  This means that nearly half of all Vietnamese connected to the Internet are “facebooking.” 

Vietnam ranks 17th in the world in FB use between Spain (16th) and Egypt (18th).  In fact, there are more FB users in Vietnam than Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. 

Some other interesting and, in some cases, remarkable facts: 

Users By Cities

Ho Chi Minh City: 3.2 million (21%)
Hanoi: 3.6 million (24%)
Haiphong: 380,000 (2.5%)
Can Tho: 220,000 (1.47%)
Danang: 380,000 (2.5%)
Hue:  220,000 (1.47%)

Gender Distribution

Female:  44%
Male:  56%

Age Distribution

13-18:  4.16 million (28%)
18-25:  6.8 million (45%)
25-35:  2.8 million (19%)

Mobile Penetration

Mobile:  72%
Non-mobile:  28%

Mobile Diversity

Android:  58.3%
iOS:  36.1%

Bottom line, literally and figuratively:  If there’s a message you want to communicate to young people in Vietnam, which has a median age of 28.7 years, Facebook should be a key part of your outreach strategy.