My Top 15 Personal Favorites

Last year, I wrote a total of 84 posts, an average of 7 per month.  Below are some of my favorite posts starting with one from February and ending with one from last month.  Collectively, they cover a lot of ground - from updates and personal stories to commentaries and analyses.     If You’ve Got It, Flaunt … Continue reading My Top 15 Personal Favorites

Dancing in the Park

For as long as cities have existed, people have needed spaces where communities can gather and individuals can meet, find diversions, and conduct business.  In various times and places, public markets, city parks, wide sidewalks, village and city squares, malls around national monuments, and other organized and unorganized public spaces have filled these roles.  In … Continue reading Dancing in the Park

“Fighting corruption in education sector an uphill battle”

  According to Transparency International, corruption in education is particularly damaging because it endangers a country's social, economic and political future: Corruption in education is more detrimental than corruption in other sectors because of its long-term effects. Corruption threatens equal access, quantity and quality of education. Its consequences are particularly harsh for the poor who, … Continue reading “Fighting corruption in education sector an uphill battle”

SaigonEduCamp: 12.12.10 share, collaborate, educate

According to its organizers, this "un-conference," defined as a conference in which participants use their interests, knowledge and experience to generate discussion topics," is for anyone involved in education to meet, share, collaborate and educate.   At SaigonEduCamp: Everyone is a participant, no one is a spectator. It is informal: there are no proposals, papers or … Continue reading SaigonEduCamp: 12.12.10 share, collaborate, educate

Terms People Use to Stumble Upon Your Blog…

When I look at my stats to see how many thousands of people are reading my blog day in and day out (ok, I'm exaggerating :-)), one of the items that appears is "Search Engine Terms," defined very straightforwardly by WordPress as "terms people used to find your blog."  It gives me an impressionistic view … Continue reading Terms People Use to Stumble Upon Your Blog…

TEDxSaigon 2010 — 3D: Dream, Diversity and Development

Dear Idea, My name is Saigon. I’ve grown up from war, and over the past decade, my economic growth has been quite compelling, compared with other cities in Vietnam, as well as neighboring countries - which is accompanied by increasing income inequalities, friction between consumption choices, difference in cultural identities, and loosened social ties. However, … Continue reading TEDxSaigon 2010 — 3D: Dream, Diversity and Development