They Hate US ‘Cause They Ain’t US!

Here's my latest essay for CounterPunch. Here's the first paragraph to whet your appetite for more (or not). Note: 17 minute read. During a recent trip to Boston, I saw this delusional expression screaming at me in large red, white, and blue letters from the side of a passing cement truck. For the uninitiated, it’s … Continue reading They Hate US ‘Cause They Ain’t US!

Vietnamese Student (Mis)Perceptions of the USA

I recently talked with a Vietnamese student who had studied in the US and was back home.  When I asked him about the experience of living there, one reply really stood out:  people are free and equal.  That answer jump-started my interior monologue, which quickly went into overdrive.  The first reply was Which people, in … Continue reading Vietnamese Student (Mis)Perceptions of the USA