The Toad That Lived to See Another Day

One of her/his distant cousins.

Recently, a rather well-fed toad found its way into my car, a first since I began driving a lifetime ago. I was transporting a couple of plants and trees to my Hanoi office and the critter must have been hiding in one of the pots. When my wife came to pick me up, our unwanted guest greeted me from the floor of the front passenger’s seat, having made its way from the back of the car. Our eyes locked in mutual shock and amazement. S/he quickly hopped away and found a suitable hiding place in the front of car that only a pliable body could squeeze into.

Our amphibious friend had been languishing in the car the whole day. No food, no water, no escape. Since a city is no place for a toad, especially one as busy and densely populated as Hanoi, we began our drive home with one stop along the way. While driving, I felt a plop on my left foot and knew the toad was on the move. After stopping, s/he crawled again into that trusty space between the two front seats next to the brake and accelerator.

Long story short, I waited until later that evening and found our guest waiting patiently yet expectantly under the driver’s seat. I opened the right rear passenger door and shooed our stowaway out. Home sweet home with plenty of (insect) food in a semi-rural environment.

All’s well that ends well.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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