If You See Something, Say Something

Here’s my latest piece for CounterPunch. If you like the intro, read on. If not, that’s OK, too. 😊

Photograph Source: istolethetv – CC BY 2.0

It is well-known that the US is a divided and conflict-ridden society that is fraying at the seams on so many levels. From the homeless in Denver, fellow human beings reeking of alcohol, desperation, and sweat, sleeping in doorways, begging for a dollar, utterly stripped of dignity, to the legion of people who are underpaid and overworked. Most US Americans are engaged in a struggle for existence that elevates their stress level, increases their sense of alienation, and diminishes their quality of life, not to mention shortens their life expectancy, healthy and otherwise.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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