Another Year of Living (and Dying) with COVID-19

As 2021 draws to a merciful close, I thought this would be a good time to glance at the latest COVID-19 stats in Viet Nam, including the ones that give me and others hope. While most people tend to obsess over the daily number of infections, I periodically check the number of vaccinations because a vaccinated population is the ultimate way out of this pandemic. The obvious reason it will get worse before it gets better, similar to the darkest hour just before dawn, is that the lockdowns in effect over the summer were lifted in Hanoi the third week of September and on October 1st in HCMC.

First, the gloomy news, which is what most people focus on, unfortunately. There were 13,873 new infections on 29 December 2021 for a total of 1,688,281 cases since 23 January 2020, the lowest one-day figure in three weeks. Also on the bright side, 80.9 million, or 83.3% of the population, had received one dose of a vaccination. 67.3 million were fully vaccinated, which amounts to 69.9% of the population. As the graph below illustrates, the take-off phase for the mass vaccination program was August 2021.

Source: VN Ministry of Health

The gradual decrease in infections is one indication of the tipping point that will open the door to a life relative normality. This trend should continue for the simple reason that there fewer people for the virus to infect, at least with symptoms that require hospitalization. The percentages of people in HCMC and Hanoi who are fully vaccinated are 99.1% and 100%, respectively.

Below are all of the Viet Nam-related articles and posts that I’ve written to date – in descending chronological order. Before spring 2021, Viet Nam had done an outstanding job of containing the coronavirus but its return was inevitable in the form of the even more contagious Delta variant.

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Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy, Rewarding, and Peaceful Solar New Year!

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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